Tsuchime Glass:Introducing Its Features and Charms

The Tsuchime glass (Hammered glass) with its unique pattern gives us a warm handmade feel.
In this column, we will introduce the main features and charms of Tsuchime glass, as well as examples of products in which it is used.

Table of Contents
1. What is “Tsuchime”?
2. Characteristics of Tsuchime Glass
3. Charms of Tsuchime Glass
4. Products Using Tsuchime Glass
5. Summary

What is “Tsuchime”?

To begin with, some people may not know what “Tsuchime” means. “Tsuchime” means “hammered pattern” in Japanese. As the pattern created by hitting the surface with a tool such as a mallet called “Tsuchi”, the pattern is called “Tsuchime”.
Tsuchime is often used when making accessories such as rings and bangles. Some knives and metal pots such as Yukihira pots, double-handed pots, and frying pans also feature hammered patterns. Some of you may have seen a pot with spots on it.
There are two types of Tsuchime, one (槌目) is hit by mallet which is wooden and the other one (鎚目) is hit by hammer which is metal. Generally, it seems to be permeating of using the first one (槌目).

Characteristics of Tsuchime Glass

Tsuchime glass literally means glass with a hammered pattern.
A characteristic of Tsuchime glass is that its surface has an uneven texture. It has excellent designs and you can enjoy beautiful patterns.
Another characteristic of Tsuchime glass is that it can be enjoyed to the touch. Unlike regular glass, its surface is not smooth, so it has a unique feel when you touch it. Also, the textured surface makes it easy to hold and non-slip.

Charms of Tsuchime Glass

Depending on the force applied when hitting with a mallet, various patterns of tsuchime can be created. The tsuchime, handmade by craftsmen, have a one-of-a-kind design, and no two pieces can be made into exactly the same pattern.
Tsuchime is a popular pattern for wedding rings and engagement rings because of its originality and the fact that scratches on the surface are less noticeable.
The charm of hammered glass products is that you can enjoy the handmade feel and retro atmosphere.
For those who like antique designs, this may be the design you’ll fall in love with. The beautiful shine is also the charm of hammered glass. When light shines on the Tsuchime glass, the uneven surface reflects and sparkles.

Products Using Tsuchime Glass

Tsuchime glass is often used in tableware. The unique and beautiful hammered pattern has the effect of making dishes and desserts look even more beautiful. And because of its cool atmosphere, it is often used for tumblers, tea cups, etc. It is also good for a glass for alcohol beverages such as beer and sake.
Tsuchime glass is also used in retro-style interior products. Especially lighting fixtures such as pendant lights and table lights are the popular way of using. Tsuchime glass lighting fixtures create a retro atmosphere because the speckled pattern reflects the light softly.


Tsuchime is the pattern created by hitting with a mallet and has a meaning of hammered pattern. Tsuchime glass is glass with a hammered pattern design. It is characterized by its uneven surface, giving it a handmade and antique feel. Tsuchime glass is used in a variety of products, including tableware such as glasses and teacups, as well as interior products.

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