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Brand Name:NAIL CLIPPER KIDENIJI(Shimokawa Seikou
Material:Stainless Steel


■Made in Japan
Manufactured in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, a city famous for its blade production.

■Excellent Cutting Ability
Because of its sharpness, you can cut with light force and the cut nails will hardly fly all over. It puts less strain on the nails and is gentle on them. The cut surface is so smooth that filing is not necessary.

■Stylish Design
The spring is built-in, giving it a clean look.
A stylish leather storage case is also available separately.

■Choose from Three Types to Suit Your Needs.
“喜 -Yorokobi-” cuts with light pressure, “爽 -Sawayaka-” cuts thick nails with ease, and “笑顔 -Egao-” has the ultimate sharpness.


■High Grade Model
・喜 -Yorokobi- (K-1: no nail file, KF-1: with nail file)
You can cut your nails gently and cleanly. It puts less strain on your nails and is easy to cut even hard nails.

■Standard Model
・爽 -Sawayaka- Straight Blade (KS-1: no nail file, KSF-1: with nail file)
This nail clipper is suitable for hard nails, thick nails, ingrown nails, and other troublesome nails on the feet.
You can easily cut thick nails. The straight blade is especially ideal for cutting toenails.

■For Thickened Nails
・笑顔 -Egao- For thickened nails (KH-2: no nail file)
This nail clipper is specially designed for troublesome nails such as thickened nails, tinea unguium, ingrown nails, and hard and thick nails of elderly people. The blade opens wide up to 10mm, so you can firmly grasp and cut the nail. Its small size allows you to cut to the exact spot you are concerned about.

■Leather case for nail clippers (C-1)

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